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Coloring Books For Toddlers From 1 Year


A great coloring book experience for boys and girls from 1 year of age! The best way to start coloring for your Toddler!

  • Perfectly suited as a first coloring book :-)
  • Big shapes, extra thick lines and thick pages
  • The best choice for the first coloring attempts!
  • Perfectly suited as a first coloring book :-)
  • Big shapes, extra thick lines and thick pages
  • The best choice for the first coloring attempts!

Coloring Books For Preschool Kids From 3 Years


An awesome coloring experience for children from 3-5 years. Specifically designed to promote the motor skills of kids the best possible way!

  • Great follow-up to our Toddler-Series!
  • Easy shapes, thick lines and thick pages
  • Perfectly suited for kids from 3 years :-)
  • Great follow-up to our popular Toddler-Series!
  • Easy shapes, thick lines and slightly more details
  • Perfectly suited for kids from 3 years of age :-)


Coloring Books For Kids Ages 4-8


An awesome activity for girls and boys between 4 and 8 years of age! Many lovingly designed illustrations in a practical format!

  • Perfectly suited for kids from 4 years
  • Simple shapes, thick pages, much fun :-)
  • A great activity for kids who love to color!
  • Perfectly suited for kids from 4 years of age
  • Simple shapes, thick pages and much fun :-)
  • A great activity for kids who love to color!

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Perfect for Littles!

"My son always colors at daycare so I decided to get him a coloring book for at home. I really want him to be creative and learn motor skills. This coloring book was PERFECT for him. He got so excited over the different cars/trucks and they were big enough for him to try and color in. I will definitely be ordering more coloring books from here! Thank you!"

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Appealing Coloring Book

"Excellent coloring book for my 4 year old granddaughter. Pictures are simple yet appealing; good quality paper. Definitely recommend this product."

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The best coloring books!

"The pages are white. The drawings are perfect for a 6 year old to manage. I’ve bought several already."

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"Shipped really well and in great shape. It’s a beautiful book. Perfect for my little girls. They love it. We also use it for tracing- we place tracing paper on top of the image and they draw it and then they color their tracings. Really well made book. Buy it!"

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Makes perfect patterns

"A really cute coloring book. Bought it to trace designs for pillowcases I embroyer for my great granddaughters. Also for tea towels. When done can can give to great granddaughter to color."

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Please find below a collection of frequently asked questions. If your question isn't answered here, do not hesitate to contact us directly :-)

What are the differences between the books for different age groups?

To provide the best possible coloring and learning experience we split our coloring books in three different categories: Toddler age, preschool age and kindergarten. These categories differ in complexity, line thickness and shape size. Therefore drawings from a toddler book are much bigger and have much thicker lines to ensure toddlers keep encouraged to color the drawings. On the other hand coloring books for older kids include drawings with more details and thinner lines to ensure the children enjoy the coloring process.

Where can I purchase kwabu coloring and activity books?

We currently sell our books exclusively on Amazon, since we utilize their print-on-demand program to publish all of our books. You'll find kwabu coloring books on different Amazon-Marketplaces, i.e.,, and

My child is 3 years old and I am not sure which category is the right fit - Do I choose the Toddler Series (1-3) or the Preschool Series (3-5)?

Since each child develops in a different pace, this differs for each individual. In our experience, 3 year old toddlers enjoyed both book categories. If this is the first coloring book for your child we strongly recommend the Toddler-Series since it is best suited to get started with coloring in early years. If your Toddler already has some experience with coloring books, we would choose the Preschool Series to further promote the development of their motor skills.

I am not sure if the books are the right choice for my child - Is there any way to see what's inside?

One reason we built this site was to be able to display more content from our books, so customers can make their decision on what coloring books to purchase. The sections on this website for the respective age-groups show actual interior drawings from the books and you are also able to download a preview of the series to see further coloring pages.

What form do the books have and what material are the books made of?

The coloring books have a form factor of 8,5 x 8,5 inches to ensure the books can be easily grasped by children's hands and are easy to transport. All of our books have matte soft-covers and we use thick paper for the pages to ensure they can not be easily torn.

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